Consultation Business

Guide on the use of consultation system

A coordinator of ROIS Female Researchers Activities Support Room will be visiting each research institution as a consultant. All members in the organization including both females and males are eligible to use this system. We hope that this system will serve to improve the working environment in the organization, also to make your work-life balance better. Wide variety of requests will be accepted, so please feel free to use this.

[Possible consultation content]
We will accept consultation about any general contents related to work-life balance and career.
Consultation related to balance between work and family life.
Consultation related to life events, such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, raising children and nursing care.
Consultation related to career path development.
Consultation related to the research institution and human relations in the workplace.
Consultation related to leave acquisition system, such as maternity leave.
Consultation with regards to various support systems in the organization related to work-life balance

We may collect relevant information from related facilities and will try to solve the issues in cooperation with the research organization as well as other institutes in the research organization, depending on the content of your request, but only in case when we have your permission. If it is necessary we are going to cooperate with external expert organizations.

[Potential clients]
Faculty members, students of this organization (regardless of sex)

[Open time]
Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:00
Consultation other than the time above is possible on request.
We are trying to meet your requests as soon as possible.

Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) Female researcher activities support room
CoordinatorYoshiko Nakamura

[Consultation place]
The consultant will visit each research institution on request. If you have any request of the place for confidential conversation, please let us know. If there is no particular request, the place will be informed from the consultant.

[Example cases of consultation]
Although I want to pursue my career as a researcher, I also want to get marry and also want to have children. What kind of life planning should I do?
I just came here to Japan. I have anxieties about the case of pregnancy and childbirth in Japan. I need some information or someone who could give an advice to me.
I have vague feeling of anxiety about my future, but I have no idea of who to consult with.
I am troubled because I am worried if someone might say that is a kind of harassment. This feeling causes difficulties in giving a caution to my staff and students.

【Contact information】Research Organization of Information and Systems(ROIS) Female researcher activities support room
33F Shiroyama Trust Tower, Toranomon 4-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo
E-mail exclusive for Consultation: nakayoshi★ Please change ★ into @