Research Support Program

In the Office of Female Researcher Activities, we are implementing various support systems in order to help work-life balance of female researchers.

Research support Members system

Since 2014, we have set up research support member system to help female researchers during their life events such as child birth, child care and nursing care.

Babysitter Childcare Support system

Using “Babysitter Dispatching Undertakings” carried out by All Japan Childcare Services Association (Zenkoku Hoiku Service Kyoukai) we would offer discount tickets to be used for the organization members including both males and females after they used babysitter service.

Subsidy system of financial support for childcare charges

In order to achieve the balance between work and childcare, we would support part of the expenses required for these services: A) childcare assistance system for sick child, children with disabilities, B) night and holiday childcare, after school childcare program, C) childcare assistance system during academic study trip.